2025/3 WELTING AUTOMAT FOR TRACKSUIT (With or Without Flap)

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2025/3 WELTING AUTOMAT FOR TRACKSUIT (With or Without Flap)

Model : New-tecH 2025/3
Capacity : 1800-2000 Pockets / 8Hours

New-tecH 2025/3


Capacity: 1800-2000 Pockets / 8Hours


LCD touch screen display with PLC control unit 

New-tecH direct drive head double-needle lockstitch

Pneumatic upper & lower thread trimmer

Servo sewing motor 220V 50-60Hz  

Main clamp system (equipped with step motor) which can adjust the length of the welt from 10 mm to 200mm

Programmable precise backward/forward (0.2 mm) position adjusted corner notch system equipped with step motor. 

"Speed adjusted in accordance with fabric" center knife cutting system equipped with motor

Sewing start & end backtacking or dense stitching adjustment system 

Programmable dense and loose of stitch adjustment system in accordance with fabric

Upper thread control system

Programmable sewing end thread catching system

Programmable flap sewing start & end  photocell system

Production daily counter

Marking  Laser system with 3 units

Automatic stitch end hook cleaning system

Standard needle gauge is 14 mm(upon request 10mm- 20mm)

Fleece feeding and cutting System

Step by step lowering sequence of clamp

Zipper single welt attachment device                         

Short material stacker  (Roller)                                        

Pneumatic clamp quick adjustment. Quick conversion system between double welt or single welt. No mechanical work needed